MARCHIORI, M. ¿Por qué hoy en día precisamos cultura organizacional? Una perspectiva de comunicación única en el área posmoderna. Revista Diálogos De La Comunicación, n. 80, p. 1-20, jul. 2009.

Why do we need Organizational Culture today? A unique communicative perspective in a
postmodern area1
Literature suggests that culture and communication are fundamental approaches to understanding and
interpreting organizations. With the intent to expand the understanding of these elements, this present
exploratory and bibliographic research paper attempts to evidence, relate and compare the metatheoretical
functionalist, interpretive, critical and postmodern perspectives. The classical functionalist approach is
diffused at the theoretical and practical levels. The other approaches provide for different views over
comprehending culture and communication in the organizations, with an essential understanding and
interpretation of contexts, voices and discourses. Organizational communication and culture not only
permeate but also justify theoretical approaches and demand studies and researches that take into account
diverse perspectives to expand the relations between theory and practice. These studies should provide for
seeing culture and communication as interdependent issues in organizations, particularly, and in the
contemporary society, as a whole.